SGL considers construction site logistics to be a service circle of construction projects. We support our customers in calculation of construction projects and assessment of logistics services. We contribute to all construction meetings on the project. We also provide and coordinate AZ-tractor units including conductors and shunting staff (work train conductors). We draw up operating schedules with SOG, order the routes and procure the required carriages.

Our logistics staff will create track assignment schedules, monitor and document incoming and outgoing carriages, coordinate construction machinery, verify the working direction and organise turning runs if required. In all of this, SGL considers itself a link between the customer of SGL and the operative offices of the construction site.

Folgende Leistungen bieten wir Ihnen im Bereich Baustellenlogistik an:

  • Calculation of construction projects
  • Assessment of logistics services
  • Provision / operation /coordination of work train tractor units and carriages
  • Drawing up of operating schedules and track assignment plans