A wide-spread mix of tamping machines of all per­formance classes as well as rail- and crawler-capable gravel cleaning machines make up the portfolio of EUROPOOL together with the high-performance100-tons railway slewing crane. In addition to affiliate Max Knape, Deutsche Bahn and many competitors like to make use of this portfolio.

EUROPOOL was created by a combination of the medium-sized and large rail-bound machine technology of different traditional track laying companies. The compa­ny may be a young enterprise on the German and European track-laying markets, but many employees have decades of experience in track laying. The company is committed to its parent’s track-laying tradition of 80 years. The largest client and partner has been and continues to be Deutsche Bahn AG, with the importance of international clients rising continually and considerably. They will play a more important role in future.

EUROPOOL can refer to continuous growth in all areas of machine technology. In addition to the German market, machine technology is also successfully offered across Europe more and more often. Efficiency could be improved in large areas by selling old technology and buying new machines that are then developed further.

This state-of-the-art machine selection is operated by dedicated, experienced teams to warrant high work quality. We have become the A-supplier of DB Netz AG and a popular machine service provider in Europe for a reason.